Arrival & Departure

The parents/guardians or the delegated person/s must sign the Attendance Book found in the children’s rooms on the arrival and again on the departure upon which they resume direct responsibility for their child/ren.

v This is a requirement of the Education and Care Services National regulations and is a condition of the centre receiving child care benefit (Commonwealth).

On the enrolment form parents need to indicate who will be permitted to collect the child if they are unable to get to the Centre on time to collect the child. Please keep this information current.

If it is intended that a person other than one who has signed the child into the centre will be collecting the child, it is essential that this be written in the Attendance Book and the staff on duty notified. If a person other than those nominated on the enrolment form is to collect the child and who has not collected the child previously, photo identification will has to be presented to staff.

If during the day the person coming to collect the child changes, it is expected that the Parent notify the Centre as early as possible. Every effort will be made to contact parents if persons present to collect children other than those nominated by the parent on the day or on the child’s enrolment form. If in the event parents do not contact us and we cannot contact parents, the person who has presented for collection of the child will be asked to leave.

It will become their responsibility to contact parents and arrange for them to contact the centre so as collection of the child can be made.

Late fees will apply where a parent has failed to contact the centre to notify us of any changes made as to who will be collecting their children for the day and as a result the child stays past closing time.

Good Byes:

Please do not leave without saying good-bye to your child, as this can be more upsetting for the child. Saying good-bye and returning when you say you will, will make the child feel more secure about your arrival and departure, and will reassure them that you are returning.

Changes to Regular Bookings:

If your child is going to be absent, you are requested to notify the Centre as early as possible. When you require additional care or wish to change days of care it is very important to note these in writing to include 3 weeks notice of any changes (if permanent), with the date included, so that they can be considered fairly. When offering additional care, every effort is made to meet your family’s needs; however it is important to understand that these needs can not always be met.


Please be punctual to collect your children at the end of the day. Children become stressed and staff also have commitments and appreciate being able to leave work on time.

It is extremely important that you notify and keep the Centre up to date with your emergency contacts and or any changes to your home and mobile numbers.

It is very important that the parents/guardians inform the centre if they are going to arrive later than 6.30pm. If the centre does not hear from parents/guardians, the following action will be taken:

  1. At 6.30pm staff will attempt to call the parent/guardian.
  2. If they cannot be reached, the emergency contact person will be called.
  3. At 6.45pm staff will contact the Manager and one member of the Committee to inform them of the situation.
  4. Continue to ring the parent/guardian’s numbers. If no answer ring the emergency contact number again. Continue the above process until 7.15pm.
  5. If parents/guardians cannot be contacted by 7.15pm, the staff will contact Department of Human Services.


From 6.31pm a LATE FEE will be charged of $20.00 for every 15 minutes or part there of.