Our Team – Management

Below are the Brenbeal team members for 2018:

Manager: Krystyna Soprun

Assistant Manager: Maggie Zhao

Educational Leader: Angela Zhang (Mon/Wed)

Centre Cook: Sumit

Wallert - meaning possum

  • Lisa                          Mon to Fri
  • Maggie                    Mon, Tue, Thur
  • Sumi                        Mon to Wed
  • Mika                        Wed to Fri
  • Arpita                     Wed, Fri

Bunjil - meaning eagle 

  • Marilou                    Mon to Fri
  • Aileen                       Mon and Thurs
  • Donna                      Tues, Wed and Fri
  • Mia                           Tues to Fri

Bullen Bullen - meaning lyrebird 

  • Mandy                      Mon to Fri
  • Snezana                    Mon to Fri
  • Ha                             Mon to Fri AM
  • Kim                           Mon to Fri PM

Barraimal - meaning emu 

  • Linda                       Mon & Tues PM, Wed all day, Thurs & Fri AM
  • Angela                     Mon & Tues AM, Thurs & Fri PM
  • Leo                           Mon to Thurs
  • Saritha                    Tues to Fri


  • Arpita                      Mon, Tue, Thursday

 Additional floater position:

  • Monday                      Mia
  • Tuesday                      Aileen
  • Wed – Fri                   Sumi

Casual bank:  Sonia, Thuy, Jeanete, Amy

Many of our educators speak a language other than English. We respect that not all families are from English speaking backgrounds, therefore we call upon our educators to translate to families whenever needed. Educators at our centre speak Japanese, Cantonese, Chinese, Greek, Macedonian, Mandarin, Polish, Spanish, Telugu/Hindi, Tagalog and Vietnamese.